Gone Fishing… Or Rather Birding

I’ve been joining Kitty Sharkey for fishing at Lake Temescal a few days in the past month. The last time, we were ambitious and opted to try our hand at crabbing on the Pacifica pier. We got out there and were immediately amazed by the local wildlife.

I felt so blessed getting to see this bird up close.

This gorgeous Grey Pelican was accepting herring and mackerel from the men on the pier and was even alright with being pet, though like any curious critter, just kept looking for another treat. I later found out from one of my classmates that this friendly pelican’s name is Harry and he spends almost every day on the pier begging for spare bait and small catches from the fishers there. Such a spoiled bird! I’m sure he gets more fish in 5 minutes on the pier than he would all day out on the water hunting.

Harry the pelican

Kitty and I settled in after Harry took off, but didn’t have long to wait until another bird came our way. No one saw just what happened, but suddenly a gull came plummeting to the ground. The big bird got its footing but when it tried to take off again it was clear that it had a badly broken wing. Kitty and I, animal lovers that we are, immediately grabbed the fishing net, wrangled the bird and used my hat to hood it and calm it down.

We nicknamed him Crabby

We called around and finally found an animal rescue that would take our injured gull. We drove south to the Peninsula Humane Society in Burlingame where they determined that our injured friend would not be able to recover.  Unfortunate, but I think the peaceful end he found in the hands of the vet tech was much more comfortable than the drawn out one he would have suffered on the pier.