Photo Retrospective: March


Have You Met My Boyfriends?

No, that’s not a typo up there. I really do mean boyfriends. And today is our second anniversary.

From the left: Michael, Freya(that’s me!), and Steven

Our relationship isn’t conventional, but it’s not totally out of the ordinary either. We live together, we shop for groceries together, we take each other to doctors appointments and we go on vacation together. We have interests we share and hobbies we don’t. I cookout  meals, Steven sews like a madman, and Michael is the handiest of men. We arent that different from other relationships. And we are polyamorous.

I try to keep this blog to posts that all people of differing mores and ideologies can enjoy, but I was inspired by my friend Cat, when she wrote about sharing controversial posts

Though that was from a little while back, I was reminded that I’ve been meaning to do this when we were out at Fisherman’s Warf this weekend to celebrate. Michael and I both kissed Steven on the cheek when we went of in search of drinks and left him talking to a shopkeeper. Neither of us hesitated- it was completely natural- but I was reminded that people sometimes don’t think it’s normal by the look of surprise and confusion on the mans face as we walked away. We are fortunate that this is San Francisco and the man needed barely an explanation from Steven before he shrugged it off. We’re blessed to live in a place where we don’t usually risk violence by kissing the people we love in public, and where the looks of bemused acceptance so vastly outnumber confusion and disgust that I usually can’t remember the last negative reaction we’ve gotten.

The anniversary of meeting one of my two sweethearts was the perfect opportunity to come out to you, my readers. This is who I am. This is who I love. And I intend to keep them around as long as they will have me.

We Go With the Flow

This is a brief update to my recent post, Covered in Bees.

I’m a bit late since this was a busy work week for me, but I really wanted to share a bit about my follow-up entree into the hive. As I mentioned before, I needed to go back in to place a new honey super and make room for the booming population in my small hive, and take advantage of the warm weather.

As it turns out, the nectar flow is in full swing! Even more so than I had originally anticipated. That seems to be the theme of the month when beekeeping is at hand. Last week I put two foundationless frames into my hive to replace the frames of honey I was removing. I also really wanted to see how my bees handled building natural comb. I pulled the outer of the two frames and say this:

I think, “Cool! It’s only been 5 days and they are fervently building comb!” Then I pull the next one that went in next to it and almost dropped it in surprise.

I hadn’t expected the weight of it! It was totally drawn and already mostly filled with nectar on both sides with bees working away at it. I replaced both, replaced the excluder and stacked on a new box with some regular frames and some without foundation to see what they would do with it. I’m planning to go in three weeks from now to inspect and I’m hoping for an extraction in four.

The nectar must flow!


I’m happy to announce a successful first weekend tabling with my art and handicrafts!

Next I will be attending the Pacific Poultry Breeders’ Association to bring my work to other like me with feathered fancies!

I’m excited!!!

Right now, I’m offering a fun deal. Hey feather friends! I make feather headdresses (like the one below) and brooches made from collected feathers. I’m looking for people who have collections of feathers that they don’t know what to do with. I will be vending at the show so you can bring me your clean feathers (or comment and we will arrange shipping) and I will use half to create a unique fascinators, headband, wedding garland, brooch, hairpin, or earrings. The other half is your payment for this unique custom creation and I will only ask you to pay for the shipping when it is complete!

If you want to do this, just plan to bring me feathers at the show where I will take your info, or comment with the type of feathers you have. Remember! The more you bring me to work with, the more you get back!