About Peculiar Purls

My name is Freya. I grew up in Berkeley and after a few years away have found myself back in the bay area wondering what to do with myself. I’m an avid crafter, uncouth raconteur, scifi consumer and aspiring homesteader. I am also Pagan and polyamorous. I’ve blogged with the other gals of WildWoodYarn for a few years and have decided I want to do my own blog that can branch out a bit from the twisted world of yarn into other crafts, cooking, homesteading and more.

Here’s what you’ll be able to expect from posts on this blog:

  • updates on what projects I’m working on
  • free recipes for anything from pickled veg to full meals
  • foraging tips
  • raves about something neat
  • creative ideas for craft projects
  • … and  much more

The art and handicrafts I sell can be found on My Etsy Page along with information on commissioning custom works.

One thought on “About Peculiar Purls

  1. jayne says:

    love this site… you are a very enthusiastic crafter andcook. i live on a 300 acre place with husband bob and 3 cats and a dog in a 400 sq ft cabin i spin,knit, cook,and hunt mushrooms. we are in our 60s and finally doing what we want.
    am so pleased to find young people with the same values. hope you continue to put posts on this site- jayne

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