Pomade for the Urban Agrarian

I recently got my hair cut very short. It’s a new experience for me. I usually have my hair rather short, but this is VERY short.

I wanted to have fun with styling the new do, but my skin is very sensitive to petrochemicals and sulfates  so finding a pomade that could hold up my hair without upsetting my scalp was no easy trick. Even Bumble & Bumble, one of the most highly recommended brands of hair care products, contained as its first Pomade ingredient something called Microcrystaline Wax. After a bit of snooping, I figured out that it is a processed paraffin which is of course a petroleum product.

Etsy brought up a few “soft hold” pomades and hair greases that were petro-chemical free, but they weren’t going to be thick enough to do what I was hoping for and weren’t cheap either.

When you can’t find what you want, MAKE IT YOURSELF! So I did.

I created Urban Agrarian Pomade from only natural organic ingredients. 2oz tins just went up on Etsy, and I’ll be adding 1oz blocks as well as a softer blend, Agrarian Slicker Pomade, in the next few weeks.